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Offering a wide array of services to holistically treat a broad spectrum of conditions, our goal is to bring healing, wellness and balance in to your life through Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine in Fort Lauderdale.

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Welcome to the Acupuncture and Aesthetics Blog by Roxy Barber. This blog was created with the intention of informing the residents of Fort Lauderdale, FL about tips and advice regarding traditional Asian medicine and other holistic approaches to healing.

The Truth About The Flu Shot and Nasal Spray

March 25, 2017

The pressure to get a flu vaccination.  If you know there is no egg allergy and injecting mercury and aluminum doesn’t bother you, go right ahead.  Sorry, I got melodramatic there. The truth about the vaccine is that it will be the best educated guess that can be made to protect you from two or […]

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Wondering What Cupping Does?

October 1, 2015

Wondering What Cupping Does? One of the things it can do is help with muscular pain.  It creates negative pressure pulling new, healthy blood into the muscles.  At the same time, it pulls the “garbage” out.  Things like old, dead red blood cells, waste from cellular metabolism, extracellular debris and lactic acid are pulled out […]

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Spring Facial Time at Roxy Barber Acupuncture

April 16, 2015

Our skin is one of the largest areas where the body stores toxins. Toxin build up causes cell damage and premature aging. Chlorophyll has been called nature’s most powerful detoxifying agent. Chlorophyll binds to things like heavy metals and other toxins and allows them to be removed from the body. Found in both the Margarita […]

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What Our Patients Think

“I would recommend anyone interested in finding a great, alternative way of relieving pain, to definitely consider using Roxy as your doctor. She was able to relieve my muscle spasms within my first session. I was always skeptical of acupuncture and little afraid of the whole needle thing. But to my surprise, the pain was minimal and the relief it provided me was priceless. Thanks again Roxy for coming to my rescue! You are great and have a gift to heal!”

- T. Kendrick

“Roxy Barber was recommended to me by a neighbor about 2 years ago. As a tattoo artist, my back is in constant pain from constantly working hunched over. Upon my first visit, I knew I loved her personality and when I was done with my first treatment, I knew I would be her patient for life. My back pain is virtually gone, and when the rare time occurs and I push it too far, as soon as my treatments are done, the pain is gone again. Dr. Barber always teaches me something I didn’t know and she is so informative. And one other thing I absolutely love about her is , she only does what is necessary for you. She doesn’t try to do “extra” services to make money, she really cares about her clients and always remembers who you are, which is so rare these days. So in case you don’t know by now, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER TO ANYONE !” –

- K. O'Rourke

“Roxy has shown leadership qualities in all aspects of Holistic Health. She has a take charge personality which makes her excel in her practice as a Acupuncturist, Aesthetician and business practitioner. But I would have to say it is here passion to be the best at what she does that makes her stand out above the rest.”

- C. Butler

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All services are performed at our office located in our Fort Lauderdale location. As our clients are highly loyal and regularly book their appointments at least a week in advance, we strongly encourage you to email or call us now at 954-489-7778 to make your appointment.